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Anthony Passerino, CPA/PFS

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Anthony Passerino

I am dedicated to helping you achieve your financial objectives for the long term. We know that your financial situation will continue to change as your individual circumstances change. To address that, I will meet with you periodically to review your current investment needs and make the necessary adjustments, whether to address a family situation or an approaching retirement. I believe success is best measured not just by your financial health, but how confident you are about your financial future. You can feel confident that I will offer investment guidance and support that is tailored to your specific situation.

I know that proactive and aggressive tax planning is critical to minimizing your tax liabilities. When you work with us we make tax planning part of your overall individual, business and financial strategy and not just something we do at year-end.

You can be confident that our firm is on top of the current new developments in the tax laws to manage both your current and future tax liabilities. We offer practical, proactive and innovative strategies to tax planning that put your business or personal needs first. Our firm provides our individual and business clients with the taxation experience and knowledge that they deserve year round.

Our tax services include but are not limited to:


  • Tax returns for corporations, partnerships, and individuals
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Payroll taxes
  • Succession planning
  • Financial planning
  • IRS problem resolution
  • E-file


Our goal is to make the process of financial and tax planning and preparation a simpler process that provides timely, meaningful information, and assists you in minimizing your tax liabilities currently and into the future.

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